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We offer professional termite extermination and pest control in Abu Dhabi and the surrounding counties. As part of our service, we also provide termite protection with a one year warranty.

Termite Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi

Hands down, we deliver a termite-affected home or office better than any other service provider because we have the best knowledge and highly skilled in-house workforce. Along with this, we use the best pesticides and highly progressive infrared technology to wipe out white ants completely. Commonly known as white ants, termites are dangerous enough to hollow out all the wooden structures in your home/workplace.

Termite control requires an excellent and visionary strategy to ensure that your home or workplace is safe from these destructive little creatures. We at RM Pesto Kill focus on adopting the latest technology and an intelligently planned procedure to kill termites at the root. Our cleverly developed and bundled termite control solutions are well-organized enough to solve the problem completely.

Wood borer and beetle treatment

Wood-boring beetles include several populations of beetles whose larvae feed on wood and wood products. Wood-boring beetles play a significant ecological role by tunneling through dead and decaying wood to aid in decay. Wood borers are wood-damaging insects that invade and damage structural and furniture wood depending on the type and moisture content of the wood.

The amount of damage wood borer beetles cause depends on many factors. For active infestation of wood boring beetles, we offer an effective treatment using spray and brush treatment chemicals. All wooden furniture and fixtures that are attached to the wall will be treated with care.

The termite treatment is applied by directly spraying the termites. Anyone can use it: professionals and individuals. It is the only treatment of its kind that guarantees a 100% success rate and complete eradication of a colony. If the treatment doesn’t work, we’ll refund your order in full.

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