Specialist Cleaning & Disinfection Services in Abu Dhabi

Dream Home General service is our 24-hour customer service line, we are available to respond to any urgent cleaning or disinfection requests.

We invest in the latest cleaning technologies to completely disinfect and sanitize the premises. While some companies still use fogging, we have the latest electrostatic cleaning technologies and chemicals available.

Our Cleaning & Disinfection Services in Abu Dhabi is the method of spraying a product by using a special electrostatic gun. The gun technology deploys the product as a very fine mist, which travels through the air and quickly kills surface pathogens. Gun technology deploys positively charged product. This charge means that the droplets in the fog engulf all surfaces and don’t just hit what is directly in front of them. This means that the process is fast, and efficient and does not require moving bulky furniture.

While this process is great in theory, it is useless if the wrong cleaning products are selected. We have the knowledge of the best products to combat all pathogens.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have used this cleaning technology in various types of venues, including offices, schools, and retirement homes.

At Dream Home General, we have the full knowledge, processes, and training to safely and efficiently deliver electrostatic cleaning processes to venues of all sizes, with minimal disruption to those who work or reside in them.

Cleaning & Disinfection Services in Abu Dhabi

Our customer base varies greatly in this field. We have some clients that we clean once a week, and we have clients in large offices that have site supervisors and cleaning crews that attend every day. We clean offices of independent companies, and the offices of nationally recognized brands.

No matter how big your requirement, rest assured that we can cope. We can provide references from many satisfied clients to show that we can manage offices of any size.

f you would like more information on how we can help sanitize your facility using electrostatic technology, please call or request a callback on our website for more information.

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