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Dream Home General Ltd is a reliable Abu Dhabi-based carpet cleaning company providing high-quality cleaning services. We cover all areas of Carpet cleaning service in Abu Dhabi. A family business, working 6 days a week, including holidays.

Our Dream Home General carpet cleaners have many years of professional experience in commercial and domestic cleaning. They are fully insured, trained, and ready for a perfect clean.

They also get training in maintaining woven and tufted carpets, rugs, and soft floor coverings using an industry-approved carpet cleaning method. This certifies that our carpet cleaning specialists have attended a training course in the use of approved methods.

We offer our professional carpet cleaning services to all domestic or commercial clients, working with landlords, homeowners, renters, offices, real estate agents, etc. Our NCCA-certified carpet cleaners can handle all types of textile flooring, wall-to-wall, without a problem. Persian and oriental rugs.

We recommend cleaning your rugs with professional carpet cleaners at least once a year. The main reason for this recommendation is due to the accumulation of dust and bacteria, which could cause health problems.

There are many different types of fabrics and materials used for rugs today. We use Prochem and Karcher hot water extraction machines which are the best equipment for steam carpet cleaning services on the London market. We know which machine and chemicals are best for your type of carpet.

In our domestic or commercial cleaning services, we also use only professional chemicals and equipment, which are safe and ecological products, and beneficial for allergy sufferers.


We have a few processes and procedures, but the most popular is Steam Carpet Cleaning Abu Dhabi.

The process for this is as follows:

  • First, we will vacuum all areas to remove loose dirt and dust;
  • Then we will carry out a Pre-Treatment of the area to eliminate the Stains;
  • Then, use our powerful Steam Pro 2000 hot water extraction machine. With the necessary specialized shampoos and deodorizers, we clean the entire surface up to 120 degrees eliminating all odors and bacteria;
  • Finally, where necessary, we would use a Power Stain Treatment for any remaining stubborn stains, and then allow the Carpet to dry completely.
  • In addition to the hot water extraction method, we also offer a dry cleaning service for the most delicate rugs.
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